On August 8th, 2010 we had Birlant’s Aqeeqa/Baby Shower at the Holiday Inn near my parent’s house. It was very hectic trying to get everything ready and then have to get ready myself, but with the great help of my lovely sisters, we made it just on time! My dear mother and her best friend, Hadya, actually catered the event by cooking all the food themselves! Ye36eehom al3afaya!
The Guest of Honor

My sister Sara made over 150 cupcakes! (Thanks Saroora!) And how did we present these tasty cupcakes? Well, after many various attempts at building some sort of stand for them, my sister Dalal and I FINALLY built a beautiful stand out of wood that we bought from Home Depot.

We also had a candy buffet of all pink and purple candy, they were the main colors for the party.

I also had custom made napkins with “Princess Birlant” and “June 17th, 2010″ printed on them (pink and purple napkins). I also made the centerpieces which were made using clear, glass vases in which I put small, white pebble rocks and then put a branch that I cut from our trees (with my dad’s help) and sprayed painted them white. Afterwards, I hot glued various pink, white, and purple flowers.

My sister Sara brought her Mac computer and we used her music list. There was a microphone so that helped a lot. Dalal was our DJ when Sara was busy dancing!
We also had a professional photographer come take our pictures and pictures of the hall and some guests as well.
Overall, the party was a success and I was very happy with it! Thanks to my beautiful sisters, Dalal, Sara, and Batoul for all thier help! Also speical, special THANKS for my lovely mommy, who is always there for me and was so helpful in making this party a sucess. Oh, and of course, for the delicious food she cooked 🙂
I leave you with some more pictures of the event!