Today was Birlant’s FIRST time on an airplane and it was headed to California to visit her grandparents, Bassam’s parents. It was a long trip, but she was such a good baby, mashallah. She was sleeping most of the time, and the times she was awake, she was just sitting on my lap being very quiet and sweet (lucky me!). I even had a few of the passengers tell me, when we landed, how amazed they were by her and how she was such a good baby 🙂
We landed in LAX and got picked up by Bassam. He had some flowers and a gift for me in the car. A complete set of the newest perfume by Gucci; Gucci Guilty. Thank you babe, very sweet and thoughtful of you!
Afterwards, we went straight to my mother-in-law’s place of work so she can see Birlant. It was the first time she meets her! She was so emotional and excited. Her first grandbaby. Then, we went to their house, where my father-in-law was waiting for us (well, for Birlant really! haha). And it was his first time meeting her as well.
Sleeping after a long day!