I was always against giving BirBir water because of some of the dangers of giving too much water to an infant.  Her doctor always told me not to give her water until she is about 6 months old and even then just a few ounces. She was getting all her “water” from the milk she was drinking.
So at 6 months, we were visiting the Holy City of Mecca and what better time was it to have BirBir try water for the first time than now! Why? Because it’s Zamzam Water (Holy Water). And that’s exactly what we did.
I put some Zamzam water in her bottle and her dad gave it to her and let me tell you, she DRANKED IT UP in seconds! lol
That’s good news to me… not a lot of kids like the “taste” of water. Glad my little girl does 😉

PS: Those small bumps on her face…. mosiquito bites from last night when we were sleeping! I don’t even know HOW they got inside our hotel room!! Poor thing, they ate her up! 😦