I am one of those moms who are strongly believes that babies don’t need to drink juices. I don’t judge and everyone is entitled to do whatever they want, but I just feel that juices are not healthy for a baby. I plan to not give BirBir juice until after her 2nd birthday.
So, why did I give her prune juice (of all the juices to give!), you ask? It was simply because she had really bad constipation! Poor thing! It’s been very painful for her and I’ve tried many other remedies.  I didn’t want to use any medicine, so after some research I found out that prune juice is good for helping a baby deal with constipation.
I put some in her bottle and gave it to her. She didn’t accept the taste at first, which I don’t blame her, cause I hate prune juice, yuck! But after a few attempts, she managed to convince herself that it wasn’t too bad 🙂 And she had just enough to do the trick… it actually WORKED! Oh, I just love it when home remedies REALLY do work!