Now that BirBir is eating solid foods, we thought it was time to get her a high chair so she can join us at the dinner table. We went to several places but couldn’t find what we were looking for. Our last stop was Toy R Us (Now that I think about it, it should’ve been our first stop, duh!) Anyway, we found the “half” high chair or the booster seat. I felt that met our need and it was a good price.

When we brought it home, I opened up right away and put it together, which was pretty easy (thank you Saftey 1st for making mom’s lives a bit easier!).  I didn’t know how BirBir would react, I actually thought she might be scared and would refused. But boy was I wrong! She was sooo happy and jumpy and excited! It was like she was on a ride or something 🙂 Well, that’s always good (will make feeding time a little easier!)

With Daddy! 🙂

Having her first drink in the chair 🙂