I’ve been meaning to get BirBir in the water for quite some time now, but haven’t had a chance yet. My sister Sara lives in an apartment complex that has an indoor pool. The weather yesterday was very hot and sticky, so I thought this is the best opportunity to get BirBir in the pool!
As I expected, she was afraid at first. Aunt Sara got in the water first and I handed her BirBir very slowly, but she was still terrified. We waited for a few minutes to see if she would get used to it, but she wasn’t having it.
I didn’t want her to have a bad first experience in the pool, so I decided to jump in. I wasn’t even prepared and wasn’t even dressed for swimming! I actually got in the water with my BRAND NEW MICHEAL KORS pants and white (yes, white!) tank top!! (the things we do for our kids!)
So when BirBir saw I was in the water, she began to ease up a bit, but she loosened up even more after I took her from my sister.
After that, she was actually having fun.
We had to make it short since we had plans to go eat and had to go get ready fast.

Knowing BirBir didn’t get the most of her first experience in a pool, I thought to take her down to the pool again this afternoon. The weather was just as hot as yesterday, so it was nice to get in the pool.
She had a blast! She actually didn’t want to come out when it was time to leave! 🙂

Glad this was a successful experience. Swimming was always associated with good and fun memories for me and hopefully it will be the same for BirBir.

PS: Isn’t her bathing suit just the most adorable thing you ever did see? lol