Today I decided to make some water balloons for BirBir to play with. I made several balloons with varying colors and went outside. Bassam came along too.
BirBir had so much fun with the balloons! We literally stayed outside playing with them for about an hour (she actually could’ve stayed longer, but it was time to eat!).
I was hoping to pop some of the balloons so she can see the water splash from out of them, but because I didn’t fill them all the way, they were being stubborn and just wouldn’t pop! However, after regress attempts from Bassam, a few of them did pop, which resulted in BirBir’s ever-so-cute “Wow!”.
I had the water balloons in a small, plastic basket. So I would throw a couple of them and BirBir would run to go get them and bring them back to the basket (great for exercise!).
Overall, it was a quick and cheap way to have fun and learn something too! We had cause and effect (throw the water balloon hard enough against the wall, it will pop), colors (different colors of the balloons, numbers (counting the balloons), sensory (squeezing the balloons with hands).
Defiantly going to try this one again very soon!