I’ve been reading to BirBir ever since she was just one month old. While I know she didn’t understand the story at that age, I wanted her to hear how stories are read and also to hear my voice while doing so.
I also have been doing various learning activities with her for months now. Trying always to incorporate fun in every learning activity was my main focus. I strongly believe kids learn with play; the more fun it is for them, the more they will actually learn.
With that said, I decided to start making actual “lesson plans” (that’s my inner teacher coming out to play lol). While some activities I do with BirBir have been spur of the moment and have been entertaining for her, I feel better knowing that I have things planned and prepared and will be ready whenever she is.
With that said, I decided to make the lesson plans with themes. I wanted them to be consistent and interconnected, so that when we go from one lesson to the next, it wouldn’t be confusing or overwhelming for her. I wanted it to be a smooth transition for her.
For every lesson, I would incorporate a letter, a color, and a word. I thought to incorporate a shape as well, but I thought to keep “shapes” as a lesson in itself. The same is true with numbers. We will use numbers and counting in every lesson, so no need to incorporate a certain number in each lesson.
Just a quick note: Only teach little kids when they are in the “mood” for learning. By this I mean to never push the child above his/her limit. When you see that your child is getting tired, bored, or just seems uninterested at the moment, just quit the lesson and come back to it another time. Never force learning on them, otherwise I might backfire on you and they will begin to resent learning. Always give them new and interesting activities to engage in. And most importantly, always give them the choice!
So wish me luck!