So today we took BirBir to get her 18-Month immunization shots. About a month ago, she took the first part of the flu shot, so in addition to the 2 shots for the immunization, she had to take a 3rd shot, which was the 2nd part of the flu shot. She also took an oral one.
Poor baby! She cried so much! But she was back to herself once everything was done and she got hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy 🙂

These are her pics BEFORE we went to the hospital. She is in love with that Michael Kors purse (which I purchased for myself, but somehow its HERS now lol). So she takes it everywhere now.

Also, today was my sister’s birthday! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALOOOLA! We all love you soo much! I’m just so sad that I’m not with you to celebrate 😦 Hopefully your next birthday we will be together! BirBir sends her sweetest kisses & tightest hugs to you.