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The first lesson is on!
I decided to start with the letter B because that’s the first letter of BirBir’s name (her real name is Birlant). I thought to start in alphabetical order, but then I thought “why not make it more personal for BirBir?”. So we will start with the letter B and move on to the next letters in her name. That way, not only will she know the letters I teach her, but she will recognize that they are letters in her name.
I also started with the color yellow because I felt it can be used with a lot of B words (banana, bird, butterfly, bus, ball) and plus it’s such a fresh and pretty color 🙂
As for the word? I went with “banana” because 1) its yellow, 2) it’s something that BirBir can relate to since she loves eating bananas.
First, I printed out the letter B in both capital and lower case (4 each) and then colored them. After that I glued them on to some light cardboard (I used a empty cereal box). Then I cut it out and covered it with clear contact paper, so they can last longer. I wanted these “cards” so BirBir can look at the letters, hold them, put them together, etc.
As for the “banana” lesson… we did a few things.
First I gave her pictures of bananas printed on paper for her to color with the color yellow. I gave her yellow markers, yellow crayon, and a yellow colored-pencil. The letter B was printed on them as well.
Then I printed a picture of a basket and some bananas. I colored the bananas yellow and cut them out. I had BirBir glue the bananas on to the basket to make a “banana basket”.
Afterwards, I turned on the Banana Nana song on YouTube on my iPhone for her to watch. We watched it serveal times (she loved the gorilla part the most lol). We jumped up and down and danced to it as well. Lots of fun!
Then I cut up random pieces of yellow foam for her to glue on paper. This exercises her fine motor skills: picking up the small pieces of foam, placeing them on the paper, squeezing the bottle of glue, etc. Of course, going over the color yellow again.
I also printed 10 small pictures of bananas, colored them, glued them on an empty cereal box, cut them out, and covered them in contact paper. We used them to count while we read and sung Banana Split Song. The song goes up to four, but I added more lyrics to make it 10 🙂
I also had made her some bean bags a while back in different colors, so we played toss with the yellow bean bag.