Today BirBir’s daycare had a holiday party and parents were invited to come. They had asked each family to bring something to eat as it was a potluck lunch. As you know, from my pervious post, I ended up going with the Jell-O bowl.

The party started at 11 am and around 11:10 all the kids gathered at the steps infront of the school’s entrance and began to sing Christmas songs. Afterwards, it was time for food. I loveee pasta salads, so when I saw that big bowl of colored pasta with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and red peppers, I was very happy 🙂 That’s pretty much all I ate, with maybe one small spring roll.

Later the kids played with “fake snow”, made from Insta-Snow. You just add water to the powder and it swells up. The cool part is that it feels soft and cold to the touch, just like real snow!
BirBir also gave the gifts I made last night to her teachers and staff.

Over all, it was a nice and sweet gathering. It was over by 12 pm.

Happy Holidays!