We woke up this morning not really having a plan for the day. In this part of the world, Thursday is the weekend (its like our Saturday in the US). My husband and I didn’t make an plans and just thought to take it easy and stay in all day. But that quickly changed when we noticed that the weather outside was amazing!! So we quickly decided to take BirBir to the zoo!
The sun was out and the sky was clear. Just beautiful! We took BirBir’s bike instead of her stroller. It’s a lot easier to push around (and more fun for her) than the stroller on a trip like this.
We saw the zebra, the bear, the tiger, the elephant, the giraffe, and all the other wonderful animals. BirBir enjoys looking at the animals, but her main attraction and absolute favorite are BIRDS! (just like her dad!). She would point and scream and get all excited if she saw any bird, even if it’s a normal, flying bird not part of the zoo animals!
Yet, when she did see the “zoo animal” birds, mainly the flamingo, the ostrich, & the macaw, she reacted just the same way!
They were selling balloons near the gate, on the way out, so we got her a big, pink zebra balloon. The shirt she was wearing had a picture of a pink zebra, so the balloon matched the “theme”. 🙂
Over all, it was a great day and we all had a great time. BirBir took a good, long nap afterwards, which is a good sign that she exhausted herself by having fun!