So right now BirBir is obsessed with three things: Birds, Cats, and Water Fountains!
When I say water fountains, I mean those big round things that are in front of a building or in a city park and the water is shooting up and coming down.
On our way to her daycare, we pass not one, but TWO water fountains and every time she sees them, she points at them and screams in excitement “maay, maaay!” (Which means “water” in Arabic). She even knows when we are getting close to them, cause she would look out the window, looking for them, and anticipating thier arrival! Oh, I just enjoy that moment when she sees them and her whole face brightens with excitment! Love it!
Then we have the birds and the cats. The excitment she has for the water fountain is doubled when she sees any of these two. She doesn’t say the word cat, but she calls it “awooo” (like a howling sound). I still don’t know where she got that from, cause I never taught her that. Smart though!
With the birds, she points and screams and says what sounds like “birdie”, only it sounds like “baby” as well and I know she knows what “baby” is cause everytime she sees a real baby or a picture of a baby (aka. my baby neice), she would point and say “baby” very clearly. So while I think she is saying “birdie”, it might not be it.