Decorating anything with hearts, makes my heart melt! So Valentine’s Day is just the perfect holiday for me to go all HEARTY!
We don’t give BirBir any candy or sweets yet, so I didn’t want to send candy and sweets to her friends at the daycare. It just didn’t feel right with me. So I searched and searched and found the perfect thing for BirBir to pass out… Heart-Shaped Crayons! I found it the idea here.
So I went and got some of BirBir’s old and broken crayons, placed them in small baggies by color, smashed them with a hammer, put them in a heart shaped silicon mold, then placed them in the oven. They melt pretty fast so don’t leave them in there for too long. After I took them out, I just left them cool down on the counter, but if you only have one mold and you want to speed things up a bit, place the silicon mold in the freezer for a minute or so to speed up the cooling process.
Then, you just pluck them right out! I loved how easily they came out 🙂

I knew I was going to place them in small baggies to give to the kids, but I wanted something else in there. So, I thought, “why not a mini-coloring book!?” So I went on Google and just looked up about 5 different Valentine’s Day related coloring pages. Then I just put them all in one page in Word. I wanted them all to be small enough to fit the baggie. After measuring the baggie, I adjusted the size of the coloring pages and I printed away. I then cut all the pages out and placed one of each coloring page in a baggie with about 3-4 heart-shaped crayon. I then stapled a red cardstock paper folded from the top to seal it. I then printed “Have a very COLORFUL Valentine’s Day  XOXO Birlant” (I actually had to hand-color the word COLORFUL because my printer was out of colored ink!) But it was fun 😉
To make my life a bit easier, I printed that on labels so I wouldn’t have to worry about glueing them on the red cardstock.