Today I decided to let BirBir play with some balloons. She always loves it when we do anything with balloons. Luckily, I had some blue ones and some yellows. So, since she is learning these two colors, I decided to just use them.
First, I made a few water balloons and we went outside. She was throwing them, kicking them, tossing them, and they just wouldn’t pop! Until almost at the end, the big blue one just gave in and it went POP! I just loved her reaction! 🙂
After it got dark, we came back inside the house and we countinued our play with blue and yellow balloons. This time, I decided to put something inside the balloons before blowing them up so that they will make a sound she she shakes them up. So I put some uncooked rice in two, some cheerios in one (which was harder to do than I had expected), and the last one with two some rocks. They all made different, yet enjoyable sounds. We dance and jumped and shoke and jumped some more!
Finally, the one balloon with the ricks inside decided to pop as well. BirBir was playing with it and she just threw it to the tile floor, and as soon as the rocks hit the tile… POP! Her reaction was even cuter than when the water balloon popped hahaha.
I wish I had some small bells to put in there, that would’ve been fun.

What other things do you think I should use to make interesting and fun sounds?