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I wanted to make something that BirBir can practice her name with. Since I am obessessed with magnets and lamination, I thought, why use both of these things and make her something?
So I printed out her name, cut out each letter, colored it with markers, laminated them, then, using a hot glue gun, I glued some magents on the back (I used a magnet sheet and cut small pieces to fit on the back of each letter properly). And there you have it! Easy, peezy!I put them on the fridge door and when she came in to the kitchen, she noticed them right away! Her reacion? “WOW!” and she quickly gave it a test run.

I did take it a couple of times with us when we went out to eat. Give her something to do on the table while we wait for the food.

How did you introduce your child’s name to him/her?