I started the lesson plans and activities for the letter T this week with BirBir. As usual, I introduced to her the letter T with the following activities:

I gave her some coloring pages that had the letter T on them.

I printed, colored, and lamenated the letter T (I made 4 upper case and 4 lower case). Then I colored every two cards the same color, for a matching game (It occured to me after I colored them that I should’ve made the matching colors to be one uppercase T and one lower case t!) Oh well, I will remember that for the next letter.

Letter T using glue and colorful popsicle sticks.

Letter T using glue and foam cut out for her to glue to make a letter T.

Sewed up the Alphabet Sac for the letter T and filled it up with things that start with the letter T (we found a toy turtle, a toy train, a toy truck, a toy tree, and a rubber letter T).