BirBir knows what a train is, but she doesn’t call it train. Instead, she calls it “choo choo” (only the cutest thing ever!)

As cute as it was, I knew I had to introduce her to the right word. And since we are on the letter T, no time is better than now.

So for the lesson on trains, we did the following activities/crafts:

Showed her pictures of various trains I found online

Watched some YouTube videos about trains

Dance along with this awesome train song

Gave BirBir some coloring pages of trains

Played with bottle cap letters to spell “train”

I printed, colored, and laminated 9 trains to use on the color board

I printed 2 copies each of 3 different pictures of trains. Then, I printed, colored, and laminated them. They were used for a matching game.

Made a train from old Kleenex boxes that I’ve been saving.