While searching for tiger crafts to do with BirBir, I came across this. It’s a cute little tiger craft in which the child would color, cut, and paste the body parts of a small, baby tiger.

Since my little can’t cut yet, I pre-cut all the parts for her. Then, I handed her the glue and she was free to glue them anyway she wanted. Of course, we did discuss that it she is making a tiger and she knows what a tiger should look like. Nevertheless, it was all up to her as to how to essemle it.

Of course, an animal craft is complete (in BirBir’s opinion) unless it ends with added those lovely googley eyes! And let me tell you, I just LOVE the way she glued them this time… so abstracty! 😉

At the end, she wasn’t into coloring it, so it was complete with just a few orange scribbles with an orange marker.