Today I wanted to try painting with jello.
I used 4 different colors (that’s what I had on hand); red, organe, yellow, and green. I simply poured some powder into the small container and added water unitl I got the consistancy that I wanted. BirBir was helping in this part 🙂
I didn’t want it to be too watery nor too thick, so it came out just right.
BirBir enjoyed painting with the jello mix, and once she realized it was safe to taste, she wouldn’t stop tasting! lol
Next time I will have to remember to use the Sugar-Free kind!

I do have to warn you though, it will get very messy and very sticky! I made the mistake of not wiping down the table right away. By the time I cleaned up BirBir and came back, it was dty as a rock on the table! Luckily for me it’s a glass table, so with some soaking and a bit of scrubbing, it came off. So just wipe the table right away once your little one is done painting.

The paintings will dry up hard, yet very pretty. The bouns? They smell delicious!! BirBir’s jello painting is still hanging on the fridge 🙂

Have fun and let me know how it goes with you!