I have a “thing” for bottle caps and lids. Everytime I try to throw one out, my heart won’t let me! Even when I am not at home and drink something with a bottle cap, I save it in my purse to add to my ever-growing collection.

I’m on a mission to find more than 20 uses/crafts for these lovely plastic jewels.

But for now… BirBir made “ice-cream” with this bottle caps.

All you need:

  • bottle caps (various colors and sizes)
  • brown felt or construction paper
  • glue

Basically, you just have to cut the felt or construction paper into a ice-cream cone shape. Then have your little one glue it along with the bottle caps to make an ice-cream! That’s it 🙂

If your child is too young to pour the glue, then you can simply help him/her with that.