How can cornstarch and water mixed together be so much fun!? This stuff is amazing! And most importantly, BirBir thought so too 🙂

There isn’t really a recipe or formula, just keep adding cornstarch to water until you reach the right consistency.

I added a few drops of food coloring in various colors.

We also ended up adding glitter to the mix which made it look pretty. BirBir decided to pour the ENTIRE bottles of glitter to the mix actually! But as long as she’s having fun, I’m game.

After adding the glitter, she added more water and some of her toy dishes. And then, as usual, she decided to step in the mix and then end the activity by pouring it on the ground.

Yes folks, it was a pain in the butt cleaning it up! But hey, it was all worth it. She seriously was engaged in this activity for almost an hour! Yes, an HOUR!

Defiantly trying this one again 🙂