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Another easy and fun sensory idea is doing anything with shaving cream! It’s so simple to set up and so much fun to play with.Like I said, the set up is very simple. I just squeezed some shaving cream and added some small toy animals. That was it! Of course, you can add drops of food coloring or paint if you wish to make it more colorful, but i opted for just plain white shaving cream this time.

Then, she added her kitchen and some dishes. She kept saying, “mommy look! BirBir cooking!”

I do want to say that it will get messy. So make sure you set it up in an area where nothing can get ruined (carpet, curtains, etc) and where it will be easy to clean up (bathroom, kitchen, outside, etc).

Luckily, we did this right before her bath, so it was easy to clean her up. Afterwards, I realized I should’ve had her do it with a bathing suit or something.

Anyway, it was BirBir Approved for sure and will definitely try this one again!