I’ve been holding on to a secert for about 2 weeks now and I’m just soo excited that I can finally say something now! What’s the secert? Well, you might think it’s nothing really, but for me, I wasn’t going to take the chance and mention it anywhere nor to anyone!

I’ve been planning to surprise my sister by just showing up to her house in KUWAIT! Yes, my freinds, in KUWAIT! She had nooo idea I was coming and was not expecting it AT ALL!

Her husband knew, but I made him promise not to tell her, which he didn’t (thank you G!). He became part of the plan because he was the one who was going to pick us up from the airport.

So we arrived at around 7 pm. After getting picked up by G, we went straight to their house. He called my sister while we were on the way and he told her that the cable man was coming. When we got there she was in the bedroom with her little girl. So by the time we sat down and got our cameras working, G called her and she came into the living room to the suprise! She practically froze in her spot for about 30 seconds! She was crying-laughing at the same time! Oh, wow! It was priceless!

After our hugs and kisses, she sat down and was in shock for a long time lol

Yes, my friends, I just LOVE doing suprises to people. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂