So it’s that time of year again…

Back to school… back to work… and for BirBir, back to daycare.

It’s not a bad thing. She actually loves going and enjoys it there. It’s just I got sooo used to having here home all summer and I didn’t want it to end 😦

But the good news is that we will start with a half day this month (until I figure out a few things at work). So she will be going from 8:15 am to around 11:30 am or sometimes 12 pm. Again, not too bad.

Her dad and I took her in today and walked her all the way to her classroom and that’s when she was stuck like glue to me! I kinda knew this would happen. But after about 15 minutes, we started slowly walking backwards towards the door as her teacher was talking to her and trying to distract her. But as soon as she caught on to her plan, she came running towards us!

But then we had to give her some tough-love. So we kissed her, said our goodbyes, and walked away.

Later, when we picked her up, her teacher said that she didn’t cry, but was asking about “mommy” all day. Awww, my poor little baby!

Here she is in her new dress for a new year at daycare 🙂