Ever since we did the “F is for Fish” unit, I knew I wanted to end it by getting BirBir a pet fish. Not only would she connect the F is for Fish, but she would get her FIRST pet.

So we went to the pet shop today and after looking at the dogs, cats, turtles, and monkeys (yes monkeys, they had pet monkeys for sale! oh how I wish I could buy one!), we went to the fish tanks to have a look.

BirBir went crazy over the small shark they had inside the big tank. Of course, that wasn’t an option.

Finally, I had her look at the tanks that actually were an option. After many “oohhhs” and “ahhhhs”, she finally settled to the goldfish. So we got here two. One was all orange, while the other had black spots.

We got her a small, plastic container with a lid to transfer the fish around, but it was going to be their home as well.

She was excited and I was excited for her. It’s nice to start little kids with goldfish as pets, teaches them responsibility and taking care of something.

Oh, and when I asked her what will she name them, she said “Hajer and Bassam” (my name and her dad’s name) haha awww so cute! We have fish named after us 🙂

UPDATE: We woke up the next day and the fish were dead! They didn’t even last 12 hours! Bummer! When BirBir saw them this morning, I just told her that they were “sleeping” (I know, I know, I shouldn’t lie to her, but I didn’t know how to tell her they were dead! Anyway, she’s too young for that).

Oh and by the way, the pictures below were actually of them in RIP mode! I didn’t get a chance to take pics of them last night.