Oh our baby girl is growing up so fast!
So we took her to her first dentist appointment and let me tell you, she did not make a peep!
I was soo sure she would not want to sit in that big, dentist chair… but she did.
Then, I was soo sure she wouldn’t open her mouth for the dentist… but she did.
Ok, then I was soo sure she wouldn’t stay put in that chair for long… but she did!
Actually, she didn’t cry or ask for me or her dad the entire time! She was a BIG BRAVE GIRL 🙂
I was so proud of her (but I’m not going to lie, it felt bitter-sweet… it’s beginning.. the whole, “I’m a big girl now mommy, I don’t need you to hold my hand” 😦 ok ok, I’m overexaggerating. It’s just a dentist appointment.
The nurse gave her some latex-free gloves, which BirBir just loved!
Well, the results were great: NO CAVATIES and super clean teeth! She got a thumbs up from the dentist and from us 😉
I’m so proud of my little BirBir.
By the way, this article was very helpful. So, take a look at it if you are wondering when is the best time to make that first dentist appointment for your little munchkin.
I was taking pics with my Canon and video taping with my iPhone. Yes, it was that important :)