Since we started the letter C yesterday, I wanted to make BirBir a breakfast this morning that incorparted the letter C.

Honestly, I slept late last night so I was on a few hours of sleep trying to think of something.

So it was between the pancakes or the French toast…. and the winner was…. the French toast.

I followed a very simple recipe I found here. But I halfed it since it was just going to be BirBir and I (my husband doesn’t eat silly thing like French toast! haha. His loss!)

BirBir helped with the beating and mixing of the eggs with the other ingredents, which is her absolute favorite thing to do in the whole wide world! haha She calls it “shake, shake, shake”. So she would say, “Mommy, BirBir shake, shake, shake”. Too adorable.

So anyway, after the toasts came out of the pan, I let them cool down a bit. Then, using a letter C cookie cutter, I just simple cut out a few letter C’s. I arranged them on the plate and added a small side of honey. No syrup for this little one (well, non for me either, but honey was just as great).