I’m sure you’ve seen this all over pinterest… the vinegar and baking soda activity.

Today we decided to give it a try.

Pretty easy to set up, yet tons of fun for BirBir. And if you know me, you know that’s an equation I love!

Basically, I just filled these colorful salt shakers that I found for veryy cheap with vinegar and food coloring (coordinating the food coloring with the color of the salt shaker. Genuis, I know haha). Then, I used a cooking tray and add some baking soda.

I began the activity by showing her what happens when the the vinegar touches the baking soda. That was a “WOW” moment for her and it definatly caught her attention.

I honestly wished we did this a long time ago! She loveeeeed it! And she actually sat there playing with it for more than 30 minutes! Now that is a record for a sitting-down activity 🙂

It ended up all over the table, but hey, she was enjoying herself.