Ok. So we all read and read about picking the right BATTLES when parenting.

As parents we have to learn to give and take. These “power struggles” could pop up at any given time at any given place.

So when should we as parents GIVE and when should we TAKE.

For me, it was always important for me to be consistant. I wanted to teach BirBir that this rule was this way no matter how many times she asked or how loud she screamed, thus resulting in a lovely thing called a tantrum (eeek!).

But with time, I realized that like many things in life, rules can be changed as well, depending on the situation.

So tonight while we were getting BirBir ready for bed, she decided that instead of wearing her pajamas, she would wear her bathing suit!

Ok, my first reaction, of course, was NO. I started explaining to her how we don’t wear bathing suits to bed and how we wear them when we go swimming.

Do you think she cared what I was saying? NOPE. She wanted her cute, little bathing suit. And logic wasn’t interesting to her right now.

So after about a minute of this, I thought, “oh, what the heck! Why not wear it for a bit before bed?” She just wanted to get it out of her system. (I honestly think she was shocked/suprised when I said yes! haha)

After about 5 minutes of dancing around in her bathing suit, she was ready to take it off! She actually came to me and asked to take it off and to put her pajamas on.

I think next time she wants to wear her bathing suit before bed, I will wear mine too! That would really make her night! 🙂