So BirBir’s Halloween party at her daycare is this Tuesday and guess who hasn’t started on making the costume yet!?!?! YUP! You guessed right!

Well, on the bright side, I did narrow it down to one costume idea. At first I thought of a few different costumes. I was mainly thinking of a costume that met my following criteria:

  1. Has to be easy to make (I was determined to make a DIY costume)
  2. Has to have things I already have around the house (hats, socks, fabric, etc)
  3. It has to be cute (of course ^_^)
  4. It has to be something BirBir would like to wear (and is comfy for her)
  5. Something BirBir was in to right now (or at least knew what it was)

After much thinking, and searching, and more thinking, I came up with these ideas:

  • a 50’s poodle skirt girl
  • a bride
  • a doctor
  • a dentist

So, after more thinking, and making sure the costume met my criteria, I decided to go with the… DENTIST! Yaay for finally making a decision! haha. Now the fun shall begin!

I felt the dentist costume would be the best fit for BirBir right now. Especially because she is soooo in to dentists right now and just LOVES going there!

Like #1 criteria said, “I am determined to make a DIY costume”, so DIY it is!

Stay tuned…