I’ve been collecting those ads/newsletters we get in the mail from local grocery stores. I knew I wanted to do something with all those colorful pictures of food items, but didn’t get to it until today.

I imagined in my head that I would talk to BirBir about the different food groups and then she would glue each picture of a food item in the correct box. That was a cute imagination! lol

Instead, BirBir wanted to just spread glue all over the paper and then simply glue the pictures all over, in random order. It was just as beautiful!

I actually cut up all the pictures, placed them in front of her, and just presented her with the paper and glue. As she was busy gluing away, I started talking to her about “healthy foods” and how they are good for us. Since I mostly feed her healthy foods, she recognized all the pictures she was gluing on the paper.

Every time she picked up a food item, I would ask her “Is that good for you?” and she would reply “yes” with a cute, little story about each food item. And of course, I had to throw in there a little bit of a color review, asking her “What color are the apples?” and “Do you like the color yellow?” and “What food is green?”

So the next time you get those ads in the mail, don’t throw them away. Instead, make a beautiful, food collage 🙂