So I’ve been waiting for a good SNOW DAY to take BirBir outside to play. But with my luck, every time we get good, heavy snow, she’s either sick or I’m sick 😦
Which means, NO ONE is going outside to play in the snow.

So last night it started to snow a bit and neither of us were sick. So I went to bed hoping and praying that we get a whole bunch of snow this morning (I know a few people who would kill me for praying for such a thing!) Unfortunately, we woke up to very, itty, bitty snow. *sigh* Oh, well.

But do you think that stopped us?! Oh, no sireeeeeee!!!!

Even though there wasn’t much snow outside, we still had to layer up and dress heavy snow gear cause it was freeeeeeeeeeeezing outside!

The sun was out though, so that was a bit nice.

I’m not going to lie, after about 15 minutes, both BirBir and I were ready to go back inside… to the warmth!

Here’s to hoping for more REAL snow before winter officially ends. I so want to make a snowman ;(