Today we did some arts and crafts for the ladybug theme.Here is what we did:

1) I cut up the body parts of a ladybug using red and black felt. I gave them to BirBir with some glue and two googley eyes and she assembled the cute ladybug on her own.

2) I found this ladybug cut-out in my things (I bought a pack of insects from the Dollar Tree a while ago). So I gave it to BirBir, along with two googley eyes and some glue, and she glued the eyes to the ladybug. Using a black marker, she placed a dot on each of the circular dots on the ladybug. She then counted the dots and then I numbered them 1-6.

3) Using scissors, I cut a small sponge into a circle. I then gave it to BirBir with some red paint. She stamped red circles on the paper. After it dried, I drew the heads of the ladybugs with a black marker and she made dots on the bodies. We also counted the dots she made.

4) I handed BirBir two long pieces of red construction paper and asked her to make the letter “L”. She poured some glue on the paper and assembled the two pieces to make the letter “L”.

5) We then went outside to look for sticks to make the letter “L”. BirBir first assembled the sticks to make the letter “L” on the sidewalk. Later, we brought them inside. Using glue, she glued the sticks on paper making the letter “L”.

6) I found these pretty rocks outside so I decided we can paint them to make ladybugs. We started with red paint. After they dried, we used black paint to make dots all over and the head. They actually turned out prettier than I thought 🙂

Did you ever do arts and crafts for a ladybug theme? If so, please share! 🙂