BirBir and I will be going on our FIRST road trip together with no one else with us!!

Just me and my gal!

We are going to go see my sister Sara, who lives out in Chicago. Also, my friend’s sister from Saudi Arabia will be there too, so we will be seeing her as well 🙂

But back to our road trip!

I’m actually more excited than I should be about this! Maybe because I see it as an adventure with it being just BirBir and I. Or maybe it’s my love for driving and my love of road trips. Either way, I’m excited!

So how will I attempt this and survive? I packed accordingly!

Here’s what I thought were important items in order to make BirBir comfortable on this trip thus making ME comfortable as well:

  • plenty of books for her entertainment
  • coloring books
  • crayons
  • blank paper
  • her BLANKI!
  • her stuffed animal (cat)
  • snacks
  • snacks
  • more snacks
  • fruit
  • her water bottle
  • juice
  • coffee (yeah that’s actually for me!)

Of course, I packed her bag with wipes, change of clothes, socks, etc.

Alright, so this adventure starts tomorrow! Stay tuned to see how it all unravels!

Nighty night.