One of the most things I love doing with BirBir is baking cookies. While it can get a little messy at times, I still love the time we spend together making them. She LOVES to take part in every step: from scooping the flouring and putting it in the bowl, to cracking the eggs and whisking them together. It’s a great learning opportunity for her and a great memory for both of us 🙂

One of my favorite, go-to recipe, which I always use when making sugar cookies, is a recipe I found at Bake at 350. I follow it as is, but instead of the white sugar, I substitute it with coconut sugar (I use this brand) and everything else stays the same.

It’s very simple to follow and the results are so yummy! Since I use coconut sugar, mine come out a bit brownish in color, unlike a normal sugar cookie. However, the taste is splendid!

Give it a try and tell me what you think!