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Today we practice a little bit more with the names of colors. BirBir has them all down, except for black and brown, she sometimes switches them around.

I did a simple activity with her. I was about to type up the name of colors on WORD and print them out when I thought to just look them up. After a very quick search, I found some on Teachers Pay Teachers (I’m so sorry for not saving the link, I have no idea who they belong to. I even tried searching again, and I just can’t find them!). I liked the font and I really liked how they are in black and white. I wanted her to be able to recognize the name of a color without it being written with that color.

So I printed them, cut them up, laminated them, and cut them again.

When it was time to play, I simply pulled one card at a time, without looking, and showing it to BirBir. She would read it and then she was asked to go search the house for something that was that color. Oh how she LOVED this game! She would run and search and scream when she found something! She actually was pretty creative for some of them. For example, for white, she brought her white step stool but she also brought a piece of white tissue. She even asked, “Is it ok to bring 2 things?”

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