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Today I took BirBir to the Cleveland Children’s Museum. It’s more of a hands-on place than an actual museum where you would just look at things. Not this place.

They have four major areas:
1) The Community Area: it’s mini structures of community places where kids can go in and play pretend. They have a supermarket, an airport, a car at the gas station, a bus, a hospital, a nursery, a bank, and a house. My daughter just loves this section of the museum.
2) The Water Area: it’s basically a huge stainless steel water table with some toys to play with. They provide plastic jackets for the little ones. BirBir didn’t spend too much time here but she did like it when she was playing in it.
3) The Main Exhibit: which was made up to look like a construction zone but it was on soft sand. So the kids got to take their shoes and socks off (which was BirBir’s favorite part!) Shovels, pails, hard hats, even orange safety vests were provided. They even had a semi-built house with foam bricks to build the house. Very cute!
4) The Big Red Barn: it had stuffed farm animals, a big red barn which kids can climb into, fake veggies and fruits, and a chicken coop.
They also have scheduled arts and crafts classes for the little ones. Today they showed the kids how to make origami dolls. They were so much fun to make (I actually made one myself!).

They close at 4:45 pm and we were literally the last people out! BirBir just didn’t want to leave! We spent more than 5 hours there and she still wasn’t done.

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